Travaux 2019


group exhibition from 26 januar to 23 februar 2019 at the galerie Pascal Gabert, Paris

 acrylic on wood, 50x45cm, 2019

 two objects from a palette, painted with acrylic and oil, 2x 28x17cm, 2019

acrylic on canvas, 55cm, 2018

oil on canvas, 55cm, 2019

oil on canvas, 55cm, 2019

acrylic on canvas, 130cm, 2018

acrylic on cardboard,  54x49cm and 92x76cm (form &contreform), 2018


one object for the next installation "Sept éléments au bord du lac", oil on wood, 2019

Sept éléments au bord du lac, oil on wood and oil on canvas, 2019